Our Family

We’re Jenna and Brad. Brad grew up on a farm, and although Jenna didn’t, when we met we realized that farming together just made sense.

Along with our kids, Sawyer, Reese, Dean, and Owen, we own and operate Batchelder Family Farms. 

We’re not just a business; we’re a family, inviting everyone to share in the farm experience.


Our Animals

Our farm operates with the belief that every animal is an integral part of our family, deserving of care and respect. This philosophy ensures that when you choose our farm-raised products, you're choosing something that's been raised with integrity and care.


100 Years of History

At Batchelder Family Farms, our approach to farming is rooted in a deep commitment to quality and ethical practices. Starting out as a Dairy Farm in Drexel, MO in the early 1900s, transitioning to beef sales in 1980, and evolving into our current form in 2015, our journey has always been about more than just farming; it's about nurturing a connection to the land and the animals we raise. With a shift from dairy to beef cattle over the years, we've refined our focus to produce the highest quality proteins we can. At Batchelder Family Farms, we're dedicated to providing you with an authentic farm-to-table experience, where every product is a result of our commitment to doing things right, each and every day, sharing it all with our community.

How we do things around here:


Enjoy the best taste and nutrition from our ethically raised animals. Our cows live as nature intended for better beef.


We farm in harmony with nature for a legacy that’ll last beyond our lifetime.


From our commitment to transparency to our open-gate policy, we keep it real. What you see is what you get.


Connection is at the heart of everything we do.



We love the meat we got from Batchelder Family Farms. It is so delicious and highly recommend. Very nice family to do business with.
Sue B.
Thank you so much for being at the City Market for people like me who live in Mid-Town KC to buy your wonderful products... the Summer Sausage is the BOMB
Tina W.
We absolutely love the Buffalo Sausage and all of their meats have been more than we expected... great service too!!
Debbie T.
The new location and store set up is awesome. Absolute best cuts of bison and you can't beat the summer sausage.
Mario B.
My new one and only grocery store for all my protein! We are customers for life. So thrilled this young couple took over KC Buffalo!
Marie N.
Can't wait to try the bison hot dogs and your pork bacon. We'll be back!
Marsha S.

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