Want to come visit the farm?

Good news - our gate's open! 

Come visit our family farm just a stone's throw from Kansas City and meet our herd and the team that makes it all possible. We are open:

Wednesday to Saturday from 10AM to 5PM!

Address20810 S Prospect Ave, Belton, MO

Phone: 816-322-8174


Come to...

  1. Feed the bison or one of our other animals.
  2. Learn how we raise and care for our animals.
  3. Enjoy a scheduled group tour.

We love our Community!

    You can come join our community and become a part of our family! Everyone who visits gets to experience the joys of farm life: fresh air, wide open spaces, and good, quality food.

    We always leave the gate open because we’re all about transparency around here. Anyone who wants to connect with the land, see how their food is raised, and pet some adorable farm animals is welcome within business hours or you can schedule an appointment to visit outside of business hours.  You can also come to learn what it means to keep things sustainable and why it's a way of life to us. 

    Mostly we just want you to come have fun! Life on a farm is hard work, sure, but we also believe in cultivating those little moments of joy and you bring us joy when you come to visit us!